Anodizing-Racks (Titanium-Racks / Eloxal-Racks)
Our Titanium-Racks for electroplating are especially designed according to specifications of the parts and the given galvanic line. Thereby we pay particular attention to having sufficient contact points per part, and that holding of the parts is done in an intelligent manner. In terms of material, we use titanium and aluminium for the rack with a Protefan® plastic coating. For special processes with high electrical current, we use copper with a titanium shell around, for optimal conductivity.

In order to react fast and flexibly to varying parts and lot sizes during production, we developed an adjustable and economically interesting rack system. Thereby individual elementary carriers are mounted to the flight bar to serve as a basis. Single threaded bolts are connected to these elementary carriers. The resulting fixation-points act as a holder for individual contact bars. Like this you only need new individual contact bars, for new parts. We do not mind identifying the optimal layout of the plating window for you, as well as calculating the maximum utilisation based on the existing parameters.

As for all GMF racks, we also provide the optimal rack solution in the field of electro polishing. Titanium is used most often as the basic material. Sometimes aluminium replaces titanium. Due to the short life span of aluminium, we like to use copper with a titanium shell around it. This is the perfect combination of electrical conductivity and resistant insulation. In order to achieve an optimal result, one can add adjustable shields or specially designed internal anodes.