Fixed Frame-Racks
Our Fixed Frame-Racks are designed to achieve the highest possible throughput per flight-bar. Highest priority, though, has the type of contact with the part. Thereby sufficient electrical conductivity as well as practical loading- and unloading are of paramount importance.

The apparatus is individually designed to customer’s requirements, the galvanic process and the specifications of the part. Depending on the specifications of the part, we use masks and inside anodes in different materials, like nickel, steel or platinised Titanium.

Flexible Frame-Racks
To accommodate for constantly changing requirements, shapes and parts, we developed an adjustable changing system, which allows you to produce quick and at competitive costs. This changing system consists of bars fixed to the flight-bar which serve as a basis and are equipped with holding fixtures, distributed across in same distances.

Onto these holding fixtures customer and part specific cross beams or frames are mounted. If one pre-mounts these cross beams of frames, significantly reduced loading and unloading times are possible. Mixing different lots as well as parts is possible on the rack.