PCB-Combination-Racks are best suited for panel-thicknesses of 1.0 - 5.0 mm. For special requirements, we can also modify the racks for thicker panels. The pointed force of the screw, on one side, guarantees a safe and constant hold of the panels. The spring, on the opposite side, fixes the panel and guarantees a secure contact.

The key advantage of this system becomes clear when loading panels. In contrast to loading Screw-Racks, it is not necessary to loose or adjust the Combination-Rack when loading the same vertical panel size. By notching the spring it is possible to load and unload the Combination-Rack from the front, in a comfortable manner. If you have one standard panel size, you only need to adjust the horizontal distance between the racks once.

Combination-Racks are also suitable for lines with vibration.