Flexibility and spontaneity are distinguishing characteristics of our company.

Particularly well equipped production and high in-house production depth also enable us extraordinary production methods. Thus we often commit ourselves to the very complex individual requirements of our customers. Through collaboration with choice suppliers, we are in the position to offer optimal solutions on time. Even individual productions result from us in consistent and thought-through planning as well as matching with the buyer.


Trust in our 30 years experience. We say to you that we are able to quickly and competently implement your requests perfectly. Utilize the large flexibility in our business through individual construction and development. We prefer personal discussions on site; it facilitates the discussion for the assignment and requests. Furthermore, we can make an exact picture of the existing systems engineering. This helps us offer you the optimal rack technology.

Teamwork & Quality

A main pillar of our teamwork is the partnership drawing on the expertise of our suppliers in the process chain.
This enables us to sensibly control resources according to project volumes. Also, the close collaboration between customers, sales, development, construction and manufacturing enables us to efficiently and minimizes possible sources of error.

The individual strengths of our employees and coordinated production processes allow us to manufacture and and hold our products to the highest standards of quality. The interaction of all participants are combined in the end product. All products and services of our business are inspected during and after completion based on in-house and foreign quality standards.


A large part of our buyers, nationally and internationally have relied on the racks and apparatuses of GS Gestelltechnik GmbH for decades. Through the expertise and collaboration with our existing and new customers
as well as exact market investigation, we adapt our products and work processes to the newest innovations and requirements of the coating industry.

Construction & Completion "Made in Germany"

At our headquarters in Heilbronn, we stand for all product possibilities which are necessary for the qualitative and quantitative manufacturing of our products. Both the CAD supported construction as well as the CNC supported manufacturing are found here. Our suppliers are mainly located in our regional proximity.

The promotion of this corner pillar in our daily operation will show through our desired customer satisfaction.